How to check competition for a keyword?

If you’re going to SEO your website, you need to check the competition of a keyword you want to rank on. Why? Because this would help you know how many backlinks you need to create to rank on that word. In my previous article, I have told, how to start using Google Keywords Planner. In this article, I’ll show you, how to check the competition on a keyword using that tool.

1. Once you’re on this page of Google Keyword Planner, click on “Get search volume and trends”.

2. Choose a keyword or a file full of keywords you want to check the competition of and enter those in that box. In this case, I am checking the competition on the word Chocolate cookies. Delicious! Right?

3. The Keyword Planner now shows me the competition and monthly searches for the keyword I entered. 

I would suggest you to check out the competition for a few other words. The more you use a tool, the more you’ll get comfortable with it. 

So guys, that’s how you check the competition of a keyword. If there is something you’d like to add or ask, let me know in the comments below! And as always, Thanks for stopping by! 


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