What are Keywords?

“When you’re trying to SEO your website, you need to work on a few keywords to get better traffic!” I have heard that statement a lot of times from bloggers. But what are keywords? And How do you select which keyword is better than the other? 

Keywords, in layman terms, are the specific words or phrases on which your webpage ranks on a search engine. Still sounds complex? Let me break it down for you! Say there is a word, on which you want your page to appear on Google. i.e. That when someone searches the word on Google, your website appears in SERP.

So, now you know what a keyword is! But, how would you find out which keyword would be great to work at! And which keyword should you keep in reserve for later? 

How to find a Keyword

There are a few tools which digital marketers use to know the best keywords for their genre. These tools help in finding out the volume at which a keyword is being searched and the competition on that keyword. 

In this Article, I would be describing how to use Google Keyword Planner which is a free tool to find keywords by Google.

Google Keywords Planner

To start using Google Keywords Planner, make sure you have a Google Adwords account. 

1. Once you login in Google Adwords, you’ll get this screen.

2. See those three dots on the top right? Click on that.

3. Click on Keywords Planner

4. Click on Search for new keywords using a Phrase

5. Once you’re on that page, fill in the information related to the category, your landing page if you have one, your product or service etc.

6. Click on Negative Keywords to exclude the words negative for you on which you don’t wanna rank.

7. Click on Get Ideas to get the list of all words you could work on to get traffic.

So, now you know what keywords are. Along with that you also know, how to find the best keywords for your website. If you have any doubts relating to keywords or if there is anything you want me to add to this blog, let me know in the comments below! And as always, Thanks for stopping by!


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